Heather Baker, President and Founder of L36 A Warrior’s Way  

The widow of Trooper George Baker. This foundation is meant to provide support to other first responder families that ever must endure the same tragedy as mine. I created this organization for two reasons. First, our daughter, Harper, to keep the memory of my husband and her daddy alive. I want her to grow up knowing who her dad was and what type of life he led. Second, for me. My husband was a servant. I was use to nights alone, missed holidays and birthdays, and never being able to make plans. That never bothered me. I knew he was doing what he loved and I was always in his corner. Always had his back, no matter what. In creating this organization, I hope that my husband’s second greatest legacy (first being Harper) will provide some comfort for other families. We never want another family to go through this, but in the event, it happens, we want to be able to step in and help any way we can.

   Toler Smith

Uncle T-Day as Harper calls me, I have been George’s best friend for over 20 years.  We stood beside one another through sports all through school, were together for our law enforcement careers, and were the best man at each other’s weddings. Serving as Vice President of the L36 A Warrior’s Way will allow me to help carry on George’s legacy and fulfill his life-long goals, as well as being able to keep his memory alive.

   Holly Gildig

I first met George when he was a scrawny, but cute and respectful middle school student. It was several years later before I saw him again. As time had passed, George was not that scrawny little fella anymore.  He was a Marine, getting ready to go to Afghanistan. He had grown up into a young man with the same respectful and kind characteristics and a drive to serve his community. L36 A Warriors Way is part of Trooper George Baker’s legacy. George’s first gift to the world will put a smile on your face, astonish you with her character and attitude, and remind you of him every day: Little Miss L36, Harper Baker. George will forever be seen in her looks, actions, and manners. His second gift is comprised of all the memories that his family and friends will treasure and the impact he had on those that met him. George’s third gift, which continues, is that of life. As an organ donor, George has brought joy and healing to others; even during the tragedy of losing him. L36 A Warriors Way allows for George’s commitment to community to surpass his time on this Earth by touching the lives of other first responder’s families. It is a way for others to get to know George Baker and provide an example of the type of person we should all strive to be. I am so blessed to be able to call him my son-in-law.

   Casey Smith

It is important to me to be a part of this organization for many reasons. One being giving back to our first responders and their families in a true time of need. I have unfortunately been there as we endure the loss of a friend and someone, we considered family on May 24, 2020 when we lost Trooper George Baker. It was hard to wrap my head around as a friend and outsider looking in. I was heartbroken for Heather, Harper, and his family.  I have watched as my friend had to lay her husband to rest and watch his beautiful daughter, Harper lose her daddy way too soon. As a bystander I have seen how amazing this brother hood of first responders is. They stepped in to help Heather and Harper anyway they could, and it has been utterly amazing to see. I want to help George’s family honor his memory and give selflessly and continue to keep his memory alive. I want to help build this organization so one day Harper can look back and see what an amazing man her daddy was and how strong her mommy is by taking the most heart-breaking tragedy and turning it in to something truly good that will live on and continue to give back long after the dust settles.

   Anita Bergeron

I first met George when he was a Deputy with the St. Helena Sheriff’s office. I remember upon first meeting thinking that he had the right heart to be a Trooper. I had no doubt when I heard he applied, that he would make it. George was the ultimate public servant. I am privileged to be a part of L36 A Warriors Way foundation, and the giving back to other first responder families that suffer loss. A true testament to George’s life and a continuation of the dedicated servant he was. His wife, taking her heartbreak and turning it into a legacy that will remain long after George is gone, I am so proud to be a part of it.

Jessica Dupepe

George Baker, my true and loyal friend, was an obedient servant to our state and my home parish. He gave selflessly of his time and his heart. I am humbled to serve in George’s memory by doing exactly what he did best…giving back!

Brent Ridder

I met George around 2002 when we went to Albany together. We both grew up in the small town where every one knows everyone. And as some years passed, I found myself at the St. Helena Parish Sheriffs Office while George was working at Greensburg Police Department, where George eventually found himself there as well. As George began his career at the Louisiana State Police and I with TPSO, I had the honor to work beside him as we were on the same rotation and got to see him pretty regularly. I knew as long as he was on the end I was working, I’d have a Trooper who would come to my call for help without question. Being a part of this foundation means a lot to me. It keeps his memory alive to the people who wasn’t able to meet or know George. Being in this line of work, I know giving back to first responders families in their time of need is an honor and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 

 Dawson Gildig

Stacy Darouse

My name is Stacy Darouse and I am a current board member of the L36 A Warrior’s Way nonprofit organization. I was incredibly honored when asked to become a member of this organization. I have many ties to Trooper George Baker and his family. I am a teacher and coach at Albany High School, George’s alma mater. My husband coached George in football and baseball in high school and I taught his sister. My husband has been in he military for many years so our family connected with George’s family on several levels. One of George’s strongest qualities was his eagerness and willingness to always help others. George’s family has continued that legacy with this organization. By providing assistance to families of fallen heroes, his family ensures that George continues to help others. I am blessed and honored to be a small part of continuing George’s legacy.

  Candice Davis

I am Candice Davis, Heather’s cousin.  I joined the board of this foundation for many reasons. One is to support Heather and Harper in any way I can. We have been super close our entire lives so watching her go thru the loss of her husband and Harper’s daddy has been extremely tough. This is a beautiful way to keep George’s name alive. It is also so gratifying to be a part of a foundation that helps families in the most awful time of their lives. It is a tragedy to lose a loved one; so if we can help in any way, it is very fulfilling. I can only hope that this wonderful foundation keeps growing over the years so my little LaFaye (Harper) can look back and see how strong and amazing her mom was at the most difficult time in their lives.